Oxy3 Pain Relief - Healing / Wound Remedy Oil

“The Healthiest Nutrient Ingredients for Life and Living”


                                                                       Contains ENDURE56® Specialty Oil - U.S. Patent No. 9.139,754 B1

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Bottle Labels Content 

FREE of life-threatening/endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in 95%+ of personal care and cosmetics products.

Bottle - Front Label

Oxy3 Pain Relief
Healing / Wound Remedy Oil

O3 for Shingles - O3 for Anti-Aging

Stops Pain and Heals Quicker

(No hazardous chemicals, toxins, aqua/water, toxic, or alcohol ingredients). This is a 99.9% plant-based nutrients and oxygen-enriched New Technology product for humans and pets. Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ with Patented ENDURE56® Specialty Oil. Includes 30% plus, concentration of oxygen 02/03. Oxygen is #1 for anti-aging and accelerates wound healing. Compare our price to KarinHerzog.com old technologyVita-AKombi2, with water/cheaper evaporative ingredients. Apply daily as needed. The oxygen attraction may cause skin redness, in the early stage of use, will go away.

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 3/4 Fl. Oz. 22mL

Bottle - Rear Label

Active Ingredient: tea tree essential oil 10%
Purpose: antiseptic
Store below 86 degrees F.

Instructions: WARNING – For topical external use only! Before applying to wound or skin blemish clean the site first with hydrogen peroxide. Apply daily as needed. To speed healing apply to cuts, dry/or itching skin, dry nostrils, sunburn, dry lips, eczema, shingles, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetic sores, bruises, poison ivy, mosquito/insect bites, and burns. Oxygen attraction at treated area may become red (is normal), redness will fade away over time following use. For best results shake before using. Contains oil open carefully. 

Ingredients: olive oil, activated olive oil, flaxseed oil, red raspberry seed oil, plurality of minerals, vitamins and more. 


Additional information (not included on product label, including gender-bending):

Oxy3 Pain Relief Contains None of the Following Found In Other Products:

1). Endocrine-Disrupting chemicals (near 1,000 exist), and counting. Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson, in her book "Hormone Deception" is of the opinion that all chemicals are endocrine-disruptors until proved otherwise. 

2). There are no gender-bending chemicals in this product, found in many other products. 

3). There are no poisons in this product included in many other products. 

4). There are no cancer-causing carcinogens found in many other products. 

This product will not clog skin pores, is non-nano, contains no artificial fragrances, no colors, no sweeteners, or dairy products. This product contains no endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), of the near 1,000 that have been identified. Over 90% of products contain one - seven per product and a person applies the average of 63 EDCs per day to their body! EDCs can alter the hormone system resulting in gender-bending; specifically: Feminization (an increase in female characteristics);  Defeminization (a decline in female characteristics);   Masculinization (increase in male characteristics); and   Demasculinization a decrease in male traits/characteristics.  Oxy3 Pain Relief is great addition to the medicine cabinet. Has healing properties, is great to assist in healing wounds following the recommended use of hydrogen peroxide on the site prior to application of Oxy3 Pain Relief.

Other uses (not included on product label): Use this product with 36 beneficial active properties to help relieve the symptoms of shingles outbreaks, cold sores, acne, aged skin (anti-aging), athlete’s foot, brown spots, canker sores, inflammation, as a lip balm/lip salve for chapped/dry/cracked lips (is wax free), on numb feeling skin, skin pigmentation disorders, diabetic feet, rosacea, rashes, scabies, skin blemishes, to assist in combating skin infections, stretch mark therapy, and toenail fungus. For a sore throat rub Oxy3 on the front and back of your neck. Rub a small amount into each nostril to help breathe easier. Rub a small amount on forehead to relieve a headache. Other uses: use as skin cleanser and skin protector. Superior product when compared to chemical made without nutrients.